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Permanent Makeup & Cosmetics

We're proud to work closely with Carrie at Colour Emporium to offer a great alternative to high-street makeup and cosmetic products. 


As a fully qualified Permanent Cosmetic Technician and Professional Makeup Artist, Carrie prides herself on precision quality work. More specifically, she specialises in cosmetic colour pigment and creates natural enhancements using natural mineral makeup and permanent cosmetics.


Before your appointment, we advise taking a free consultation with Carrie to discuss any questions you may have. Carrie has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and will be able to show you some great transformation before-and-after images. It's a great time to choose your perfect colours - and make the most of Carrie's experience.


Carrie will also be looking at your skin tone, hair, face shape and features before using mineral makeup to mimic the effect of permanent cosmetics; this will ensure you get the absolute best and most out of the treatments.


When you're confident the effect is for you, we'll arrange a patch test and give you any forms to sign. Then you'll be ready to rock and roll!


Natural Hairstroke Brow

£320 | Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment


This is most suited to those who have definite eyebrows but would like to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. A shadow of colour is created behind the natural hair growth, creating the effect of perfectly applied cosmetic shadow or pencil.

Colourmist/Powdered Brow

£320 | Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

This is the solution if you have little or no hair growth in the eyebrow area. Fine hair strokes give the appearance of real hair to create the perfect brow shape.


Top Eyelash Enhancement or Bottom Eyelash Enhancement

£150 | Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

Pigment is infused throughout the lash line, creating the appearance of thicker eyelashes with depth and colour at the roots.

Top Natural Eyeliner

£200 | Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

This effect extends beyond the lash line to create a precise fine eye line, enhancing your eye shape. If you use a coloured cosmetic product, colours can be introduced here to compliment your eyes.

Top Thick/Bold Eyeline

£250 | Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

This treatment creates extra definition, with the eye line broadening towards the outer corner. This effect lifts and opens the eyes; the bottom lash line can also be thickened to balance the effect.

Contact Carrie | Book your appointment


If you'd like to book an consultation or appointment, please get in touch direct with Carrie either using the form below or by calling her.

All of Carrie's treatments are carried out in our lovely salon in Brighouse.

Talk to Carrie on 07834 321047

Thanks! Carrie has received your message and will be in touch very soon. 

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