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Protecting your personal data

This privacy policy applies between you, the user (or data subject) and us, Your Beauty Secret, the data controller.


Your Beauty Secret will – with your consent – collect and securely store and process your personal data for purposes of your treatments with us, such as medical history and contact details.


What personal information do we hold?


Your Beauty Secret will ask to collect your full name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address – this will be collected at point of booking or treatment, either online via our online booking system, in person, via email and social media or over the phone.


For certain treatments, we may also need to collect relevant medical history details.



What do we do with the information you provide us?


Your Beauty Secret will store your information in our secure and encrypted online booking system and/or on consent forms that you may be required to fill out for certain treatments with us. Any information not on our booking system will be securely stored in a safe location.

Will you spam me?


NO! We will never spam you, pass on, or sell your information to any third parties. The data is collected for contact purposes – or for treatment consent forms – medical, well-being and insurance purposes.


‘Appointment Messages’


If you provide your email and mobile number, we will systematically send you a string of communication related solely to your appointment, called appointment messages:


1. Confirmation email

    This will be sent to the email you provided at time of booking, to confirm the details of your appointment or rescheduled appointment


2. Reminder SMS text message

    24 hours before your appointment, we’ll send you a short and sweet reminder of your upcoming appointment


3. Cancellation email

     If you sadly have to cancel your appointment, we’ll send you a short email to confirm this – just for your records


‘Marketing Messages’


We may from time-to-time – with your express consent – use your email or mobile number to contact you in relation to any Your Beauty Secret special offers, news or events. These marketing messages would be few and far between – so again, there’ll be no constant spamming from us (because we hate that too!)


You can opt-in and out of appointment messages and marketing messages separately, so if you’d rather receive one over the other, or both, that’s no problem.

What are my rights?


You have the right to access all the data we hold on you, at any time and free of charge – if this is something you’d like, please make a written request and we’ll get back to you within 30 days (although most of time, much, much quicker).


Equally, if you’d like us to erase all of your data, you have the ‘right to be forgotten’ – again please make your request using the contact details below.





Your Beauty Secret

Unit 7, The Conservatory

Kershaw’s Shopping Village

Halifax Road




01484 767320

Important: Without the minimum of your mobile number, it would be very difficult for us to get in touch with you regarding your appointment(s) should the need arise

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