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What are CACI Non-Surgical Treatments? 

What do they do?

The CACI Ultimate has been voted the UK’s most effective anti-ageing treatment and best-selling non-surgical face and body system. The miracle machine can do anything from a face-lift and eye bag removal to improving the appearance of cellulite, without you going under the knife.


CACI uses tiny micro currents to tone, lift and re-educate the muscle whilst also improving damaged skin tissue. It also stimulates blood circulation and softens fine lines and wrinkles. It is designed to give gentle exercise to facial muscles, tightening and firming them to reduce slackness and restore natural contour. It slows down the signs of ageing, keeps the skin youthful and glowing and keeps the facial muscle toned. 


We offer a range of non-surgical treatment options appealing to both male and female clients of all ages. 

The Results

Crow’s feet and eye bags

The eyes are surrounded by a network of fine, narrow muscles supporting the skin in an area which is particularly fragile.  The microcurrent will stimulate these muscles, improving the circulation in the peripheral blood vessels thereby reducing any sagging contours and restoring a healthier skin tone

Wrinkles on the forehead

The vertical muscles that support the skin of the forehead are rarely used; therefore they do not adequately stimulate the blood vessels for proper irrigation of the epidermis.  Frowning stimulates these muscles but the creases that result will prevent any irrigation benefits of the epidermis.  Using micro current you can exercise these muscles, improving irrigation of the epidermis and therefore skin tone and wrinkles


Creases around the mouth

Between the cheeks and nose there is a long muscle called the ‘joint elevator’.  This muscle works in a downward direction as a rule, gradually forming a deepening, vertical crease in this area.  With the use of microcurrent we can instigate this muscle to work upwards creating a better support for your skin and progressively reducing creases


Sagging chin line

Whenever you chew you are using the muscles around the jaw bone called ‘masseters’.  The muscles under the chin are called the ‘quadrate’ and the ‘triangularis’.  Unfortunately these muscles are not used when chewing and need to be exercised to correct any sagging under the chin.  The microcurrent causes these muscles to contract, tightening up any slackness under the chin


Improves the complexion

Beneath the facial skin there is a complex network of muscles and elastic tissue.  The function of this network is to support the epidermis and stimulate the peripheral blood vessels, ensuring that the skins foundation is will irrigated.  Regular use of microcurrent improves and maintains the efficiency of this ‘skin feeding system’ and achieves a visible improvement of the completion


Before And After

CACI Contraindications


A contraindication is a condition that will make a particular treatment – in this case a CACI facial – inadvisable due to the harm it may cause you. CACI treatments are safe, effective and approved my medical professionals worldwide, they are microcurrent based treatments and therefore for a minority of people they won’t be suitable.


We’ve divided our contraindication into two categories: red and orange. If you have any red contraindications, unfortunately we won’t be able to go ahead with the treatment.


If you only have orange contraindications, we may still be able to proceed with your CACI facial, however please let us know and one of our aestheticians will be able to give you further advice.


Some red indications may pass with time, in which case we may then be able to treat you; please let us know if you think this will be the case.






Breast feeding

Any heart conditions

Any cancer

Chemo or immune therapy

Any tumour

Overactive thyroid

Multiple Sclerosis

Any severe muscular condition

Uncontrolled diabetes

Lack of skin sensation

Retin A medications (within 6 months)

Roaccutane oral medication (within 12 months)


Allergy to rubber, metal and/or silicone



For most orange indications, we will simply avoid the affected area – however you must let us know before your treatment.


Recent facial or body surgery 

Recent facial scarring

Open lesions

Skin disease



Varicose veins

Prosthesis or silicone implants

Metal implants (including contraception)

Botox or dermal fillers

Anti-depressants and/or high blood pressure medication

Muscle relaxant medication

Equally, if you have any concern or have an existing medical condition which is not listed above, please consult with your GP first and then let us know at the time of booking, before your treatment.

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